Online Safety, Cyber Security and Privacy

deriskme was born to help everyone take action to derisk their digital lives: you, your family (young and not so young), and your business.

deriskme edits and curates the best advice, resources, tools and solutions for you so you can get on with making the most of technology (without your own IT department).

We'll help you create a simple, personalised action plan to help your family make the most of the digital sphere, without it turning into a digital swamp.

After a simple risk assessment we’ll suggest a limited number carefully chosen, proven tools and solutions (and some simple tricks) that can help keep you safely connected.  The solution are all proven and the tools are already helping thousands of people worldwide (no reinventing the wheel).

If you have a problem and need help right away, you can link to resources and organisations who can help today.  

We’d love to hear from you with any feedback so please Contact Us with questions, comments or suggestions.

(ONLINE) safe

(CYBER) smart

(PRIVACY) savvy