How much of your child’s information do you share on social media? 90% of 2 year olds have a digital footprint and 25% of children have a social media presence before they are born when parents share their ultrasound images.

Do’s and don’ts include - know who you’re sharing with, lock down your privacy and security settings, ask for permission to share images, don’t share personal information.


Deriskme is not about reinventing the wheel, instead we'll help you find the best (and simplest) tools and resources you need to derisk your family.

There are simple tools most families need to stay safe online.




Screen time 

Most parents worry their children spend too much time online. How much screen time is too much? What should they be allowed to do online? What can I do to manage my kids time online?


Conversation STARTERS

Not sure where to start talking about technology with your kids? How do I address the difficult subjects in a digital age?



Are my kids addicted to gaming? Is gaming harmful? What games are appropriate for my children?