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Find out more about the Family Action Plan to protect your children (and yourself) online.

Find out more about Romance Scams.

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Links from the show

Your Privacy Rights.

Under the Privacy Act, businesses have to respect your personal info.

Family Zone.

Chose a plan to protect your family.

How to talk to your children about porn.


Help your children have a safe and enjoyable online experience

Parental Controls.

Tools to help parents monitor and limit what their children do online.

Set up Family Sharing (Apple).


Our Deriskme website has an in depth list of cyber security solutions.

Assessing Your Risks.

Understand and combat cyber risk.

DuckDuckGo : Private Search Engine.

A search engine that doesn’t track you.


Has your account been compromised in a data breach?

HTTPS:// Everywhere.

Make your online browsing secure.

The HDC Act and Netsafe.

Get a better understanding of harmful digital communications.

Safe Gaming.

Safe gaming tips for parents.

IGEA interactive games & entertainment association

Game reviews.

Quad 9

Internet Security and privacy in a few easy steps.