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As a Family Zone school your family also has the opportunity to signup to a Cyber Expert Package at a very special rate. This small monthly subscription (less than a cup of coffee each month) gives you access to (founded by Paula Gair) - a Cyber Expert for your family who can assist with online safety and cyber security, as well as privacy, for the whole family.

Just think - no more late night google searches trying to figure out what or how to do something or who can help. We’ll help you get straight to the information you need.

If you’d like to hear more from deriskme and find out more about the Cyber Expert Package sign up to receive emails at the bottom of this page.

You can ask questions and be directed to the resources you need to help derisk your family and improve their cyber safety, security and privacy by subscribing to our Cyber Expert Package.

Your Cyber Expert package includes:

  • A monthly email with information that’s relevant for the age of your children.

  • Access to Parents Zone on

  • An option to ask questions that will be answered on the site (if this would be helpful for other parents).

  • Social media / blog posts notifications - only if you’re interested.

  • Online webinars and Q and A sessions.

  • Special updates when something significant happens (eg when Fortnight launched) - with simple and practical ‘how to’ advice links.

  • Recommendations of the edit of the best cyber safety and digital parenting resources and latest research from around the world.

  • Referral for free phone and remote IT assistance if your computer gets hacked.

  • Recommended apps and games - age appropriate (free and paid* options).

  • Recommendations for the best cyber safety tools and technologies* (eg antivirus, password managers, back ups etc).

  • Expert installers* - can help over the phone or via remote access or come to you and help set up anything IT related.

  • Recommended books* if you’d like to read more on a subject.

  • Coming soon - Introductions to other experts* who can assist (eg psychologists etc).

  • Coming soon - personal cyber insurance* for the whole family.

*Additional charge for third party solutions, home visits/installations, books purchased online and other professional services from third parties.

If you’d like to ask us a question or have a subject you’d like us to cover in future emails to parents please contact us.

You can also follow deriskme on twitter.

If you need help with an urgent cyber security, online safety or privacy breach these are the organisations that can help.