A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your data - they're essential if you're using public wifi or travelling. If you don’t have a VPN then tether your device to your mobile phone to create your own personal hotspot. Read more about VPNs .

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Home Wifi

Change the default passwords on your home wifi modem and set up a guest network to help keep your network and devices secure. Google Wifi is easy to set up and includes a guest network by Default.

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Privacy and Security Settings


Check and update the privacy and security settings on your devices and within apps.  Update / patch your software automatically.  Use the firewall on your computer.  

What does Google know about me?


Secure Browsing

Duck Duck Go is a browser that doesn’t track you. (Set it as your default browser in your settings or add the Duck Duck Go extension eg to Google Chrome).

Incognito or Private Mode means your search History is not recorded in your internet browser (however your ISP can still see all the sites you have visited). How to use Incognito Mode for your browser.

Tor can also help preserve your privacy online.

HTTPS Everywhere can help you visit secure sites, encrypting your data to protect your privacy.

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